RateJab Matches Clients with Conforming 1% Down Loans

RateJab, a leading provider of pairing those searching for a mortgage loan with the best lenders in their neighborhood, can match clients with a stellar 1% down payment loan program.

RateJab is a mortgage broker that is dedicated to matching their client with the best wholesale lenders on the market. Their focus is on getting those searching for a mortgage matched with lenders who offer ideal loans for each client. Since every person looking to buy a home is in different financial situations, RateJab’s results are never the same. They treat even client differently based on their needs.

“We started this service because we understand how confusing of a process buying a home can be to a first-time home buyer,” said Benjamin Pipich of RateJab. “We strive to get our client the best mortgage out there. Every mortgage is different so a good mortgage you hear about from a friend may not be the best one for you. We help get our client into the home they want at the best rate possible. Our quick turnaround and use of today’s technology help make us the best choice for people looking to buy their first home.”

The conforming 1% down loan, which is provided and serviced by United Wholesale Mortgage, is one of the most unique loans out there. Most other lenders require a minimum 3% down for a conforming loan. With this loan, the borrower is expected to provide 1% of the down payment while the lender puts down 2%, giving the borrower an additional 2% of equity on their home; perfect for first-time home buyers.

Anyone interested in more information on the service RateJab has to offer or to shop for a home or apartment in a nearby zip code, head over to http://ratejab.com/ or give them a call (215)-687-4452.