Time is Ripe for Millennial Mortgage Borrowers


If you are a Millennial trying to buy a new home and get a mortgage, you may have an easier time of it now that Fannie Mae – the country’s largest mortgage lender – has eased its debt-to-income (DTI) requirements for millennial mortgage borrowers.  Instead of a debt ceiling of 45 percent, including student loans, […]

Getting a Mortgage Is Easier Than You Think

Getting a mortgage is easy

Real estate inventory remains tight in locations across the U.S., and many buyers – especially those seeking starter homes – have become increasingly frustrated. In combination with today’s extremely low mortgage rates, it is not uncommon to be outbid more than once before finally getting your offer accepted. Inventory is particularly stretched for smaller homes […]

RateJab: The New Way to Get a Mortgage Online

New Mortgage in PA

Today, it is easier than ever to find a great loan for your next home. Unlike the old days of finding a broker, filling out and copying mountains of paperwork, applying for a mortgage digitally is a much better method. Shopping for a mortgage is a serious financial responsibility. However, according to the Consumer Financial […]

Why RateJab is the Most Innovative New Service for Homeowners

When you think of applying for a mortgage loan, do you think of endless hours spent sitting in the bank or flipping through pages and pages of mortgage broker ads? For most companies, that’s where the story ends, but at RateJab, we think a little bit differently. We know that when you’re moving, you have […]

RateJab Matches Clients with Conforming 1% Down Loans

RateJab, a leading provider of pairing those searching for a mortgage loan with the best lenders in their neighborhood, can match clients with a stellar 1% down payment loan program. RateJab is a mortgage broker that is dedicated to matching their client with the best wholesale lenders on the market. Their focus is on getting […]

Adjustable-Rate vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgage

Mortgages can be daunting to someone who isn’t well informed about the different types of loans out there. We here at RateJab do our best to inform potential homebuyers on the ins and outs when it comes to all things mortgage loans. When you think of applying for a mortgage loan, you probably imagine hours […]

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents will I need to provide? With RateJab’s doc-less mortgage process, you may not even need to provide any supporting documents. As our customer, you give us permission to retrieve those documents for you, making the process smooth and easy. How can I ensure my loan closes on time? It is imperative that you […]